UT Institute of Agriculture Ag Campus Projects Updates

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by Steve Glafenhein, UTIA director of services

Morgan Hall Envelope Repairs

This project is state-funded and the contract with the design team has been executed. The scope of work will restore the structural integrity of the existing exterior walls and will greatly improve energy efficiency with new windows and doors for the building. Window replacement will replicate the original design and character of Morgan Hall and will resemble windows recently installed at Ayres Hall on the UT Knoxville campus. Construction will tentatively begin in spring 2022.

UTCVM Teaching and Learning Center

Construction is ongoing and a major milestone to be completed in this month is the completion of the building roof, which will allow interior work to progress. Exterior materials installation will also start by year’s end, which will allow the dry-in of the building and begin to define the exterior character of this new addition. Construction is scheduled to complete in May 2022.

The Energy and Environmental Science Research Building

Construction is ongoing and a major milestone to be completed this month will be the completion of the deep foundations that will allow work on the above ground structural system to begin. Crews will start constructing a 175-foot tower crane later this month, which will dominate the UTIA campus skyline. Approximately twenty semi-trucks will haul in pieces of the crane, which will be assembled using a smaller crane. Underground utility work, including electrical duct bank and steam line installation, have temporarily closed Service Drive, and tentatively are scheduled to be completed by early December. The total project construction schedule shows completion in November 2023.

You can follow these and other construction projects at the UTIA Capital Projects website. The site includes a live feed capturing the progress of constructing the EESRB.