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UTIA Financial Administration

Janelle Alexander Profile Page
Janelle Alexander
Coordinator III, Sponsored Projects Accounting
Kaye Avrit Profile Page
Kaye Avrit
Accounting Specialist I, Central Region Office
Jane Barcroft Profile Page
Jane Barcroft
No current UTIA Affiliation, AgResearch Administration
Teri Berger Profile Page
Teri Berger
Accounting Supervisor IV, Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences Department
Angela C Braden Profile Page
Angela C Braden
Accounting Coordinator I, AgResearch Administration
Davean T Brown Profile Page
Davean T Brown
Business Manager, Food Science
Jennifer Leigh Burns Profile Page
Jennifer Leigh Burns
Admin Specialist I, Plateau AgResearch and Education Center
Kimberly Campbell Profile Page
Kimberly Campbell
Business Manager, Entomology and Plant Pathology
Jeanne L Chambers Profile Page
Jeanne L Chambers
Accounting Specialist I, Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences Department
Hillary Jones Clifft Profile Page
Hillary Jones Clifft
Extension Agent I, Henderson County
Audrey Dew Profile Page
Audrey Dew
Accounting Coordinator I, Extension Administration
Melaney Dudley Profile Page
Melaney Dudley
Accounting Specialist I, Large Animal
Sherri Herman Dugger Profile Page
Sherri Herman Dugger
Business Manager, Plant Sciences
Emily K Dyke Profile Page
Emily K Dyke
Business Manager, Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences Department
Ben Edenfield Profile Page
Ben Edenfield
Accounting Specialist III, Office of Lab Animal Care
Timothy P Fawver Profile Page
Timothy P Fawver
Chief Business Officer, Extension Administration
Claudia M Featherstone Profile Page
Claudia M Featherstone
Director, Hospital Operations
Kim Fortner Profile Page
Kim Fortner
Accounting Specialist III, Veterinary Medicine Administration
Kim Giorgio Profile Page
Kim Giorgio
Admin Specialist II, Center for Profitable Agriculture
Rita Jo Hall Profile Page
Rita Jo Hall
Admin Specialist I, Highland Rim AgResearch and Education Center
Catheryn Hance Profile Page
Catheryn Hance
Business Manager, Large Animal
Helen Elizabeth Hanna Profile Page
Helen Elizabeth Hanna
Admin Specialist I, Ames Plantation AgResearch and Education Center
Ryan Hensley Profile Page
Ryan Hensley
Associate Director of Development, 4-H Youth Development
Ashley Hull Profile Page
Ashley Hull
Admin Specialist II, Office of the Senior Vice President and Senior Vice Chancellor
Tammie Loree Jay Profile Page
Tammie Loree Jay
Admin Specialist II, Office of the Senior Vice President and Senior Vice Chancellor
Erikka Lyn Jennings Profile Page
Erikka Lyn Jennings
Admin Specialist I,
Tonya C Kenley Profile Page
Tonya C Kenley
Budget Director, Veterinary Medicine Administration
Cheryl A Kenney Profile Page
Cheryl A Kenney
No current UTIA Affiliation, Hospital Operations
Christy King Profile Page
Christy King
Accounting Specialist II, East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center
Pearl Kirkland-Smith Profile Page
Pearl Kirkland-Smith
Accounting Specialist I, Hospital Operations
Missy Kitts Profile Page
Missy Kitts
Budget Director, Extension Administration
Cindy Knisley Profile Page
Cindy Knisley
Business Manager, Small Animal
Kim Lane Profile Page
Kim Lane
Admin Specialist II, East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center
Nicole Dione Leverton Profile Page
Nicole Dione Leverton
Business Manager, Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science
Yondi Prasetyo Lim Profile Page
Yondi Prasetyo Lim
Business Manager, Family and Consumer Sciences
Linda J Long Profile Page
Linda J Long
Research Specialist II, West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center