Goal 2: Expand Real Life Learning


Develop students and professionals to be lifelong learners and leaders in the agriculture, natural resource, and public and animal health industries.

Strategies and Actions

Increase Relevance to Learners

  • Design and offer educational programs aligned with industry opportunities and the changing needs of learners.
  • Conduct periodic needs assessments with employers to guide curriculum design and reinforce the skills needed to excel in diverse work environments and ensure quality.

Expand Access

  • Reach new audiences with existing and new educational programs delivered through a variety of platforms (e.g., online learning, certificates, continuing education).
  • Increase access for mid-career professionals; offer course credit for relevant military and work experience.
  • Increase scholarships and financial aid for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Deliver Real Life Learning

  • Enhance opportunities for experiential learning (e.g., international experience, student engagement in research, internships in industry and Extension, hands-on classroom and field activities).
  • Promote a welcoming and inclusive environment for student learning.
  • Prepare students to thrive in a global and diverse workplace.


  • Increase offerings and number of youth program participants involved in workforce preparation learning experiences.
  • Increase academic degrees awarded.
  • Increase certificates awarded.

4-H Students with Workforce Experiences

Participants in 4-H Projects or other 4-H educational activities that help students gain the skills and experience necessary to become effective members of the workforce. (SUPER)

2018 Baseline2019202010 Year Goal
Calendar Year

Metric Data Contact: UT Extension Dean

Academic Degrees Awarded

OIRA Academic Unit Statistics

Degree2018 Baseline2019202010 Year Goal
Undergrad Total322339313+15%
Graduate Total163194167+10%
– Master’s668869
– Doctoral172319
– DVM808379
Academic Year

Metric Data Contact: Herbert Dean, CVM Dean

Certificates Awarded

Completion of an educational program that utilizes a defined curriculum to increase subject matter knowledge and/or proficiency. (Master Producer Database, PSEP Database, K@TE, AgResearch, CVM, and Herbert College)

2018 Baseline2019202010 Year Goal
Calendar Year

Metric Data Contact: UT Extension Dean

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