Goal 4: Deliver Programs that Improve Lives


Deliver programs that improve health and well-being, conserve natural resources, and help Tennesseans adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Strategies and Actions

Leverage Objective, Research-Based Information

  • Accelerate the verification and dissemination of basic to applied and translational research (see Goal 3).
  • Grow and leverage partnerships with industry and agencies.

Promote Education, Health, and Well-Being

  • Expand educational access (see Goal 2).
  • Enhance efforts to improve the health and well-being of families and communities.
  • Develop leadership, citizenship, and life skills of youth and adults through education and outreach programs (e.g., Extension Master Gardener, 4-H, etc.).
  • Augment efforts to use comparative medicine to improve animal and public health.

Support Rural Development

  • Leverage county, state, and federal resources to promote economic and community development.
  • Encourage innovation and technology transfer to invigorate rural economies.

Engage Urban Communities

  • Engage Tennessee’s urban communities in the sustainable production of food, fiber, and energy and the conservation of natural resources.


  • Increase number of participants in outreach and engagement activities.
  • Increase total estimated economic impact of programs.

Number of Participants in Outreach and Engagement Activities (Total Direct Contacts)+

Direct contacts from UTIA meetings, presentations, field days, office visits, on-site visits, direct mail and telephone calls SUPER (Summation of Direct Contacts), AgResearch, CVM and Herbert College. Excludes TSU reporting in SUPER.

2018 Baseline2019202010 Year Goal
Calendar Year

Metric Data Contact: UT Extension Dean

Estimated Economic Impact of Programs

The extent to which UTIA programs contribute to increased economic activity in the state of Tennessee.  Measures focus on increasing revenue and savings for farms, small businesses, families and individuals.   Specified metrics include increased revenues, increased savings, and one-time capital purchases for up to two years following program delivery, based on research, questionnaires, observations, and sales records.

SUPER (Summation of reported economic impact from statewide impact statements), AgResearch, CVM and Herbert College

2018 Baseline2019202010 Year Goal
Calendar Year

Metric Data Contact: UT Extension Dean

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