Goal 3: Rapidly Deploy Solutions


Rapidly deploy practical, cutting-edge solutions through effective use of innovative educational methods across a variety of platforms.

Strategies and Actions

Learn from Collaboration

  • Identify and promote successes and best practices to serve as models for Institute-wide application.
  • Develop and promote strategies (e.g., commodity days, topical websites) to efficiently share information among researchers, specialists, agents, and partners.
  • Support and incentivize collaboration across missions, units, and departments.

Package for Rapid Delivery

  • Disseminate information through multifaceted delivery methods and channels (e.g., printed publications, website, audio/podcast, video, mobile accessible).
  • Package basic information to rapidly deploy as needed through social media and other methods.

Support Entrepreneurship

  • Support clientele, students, and faculty/staff in start-up, technology commercialization, and new venture formation.


  • Increase digital contacts.
  • Increase number of start-ups or early stage businesses supported.

Total Digital Contacts

Digital Contacts reported in SUPER including Social Media, Webinars, Website Visits, Publication Downloads, YouTube Videos, and On-Line Learning Participants.


2018 Baseline2019202010 Year Goal
Calendar Year

Metric Data Contact: UT Extension Dean

Start-ups/Early Stage Businesses Supported

Reports from faculty, staff, and administrators Startup business launched to commercialize technologies developed within UTIA or startup businesses assisted through intellectual and professional contributions by UTIA faculty or staff.

2018 Baseline2019202010 Year Goal
Calendar Year

Metric Data Contact: AgResearch Dean

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